Hello. My name is Rachel Bankhead, a professional Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner and I warmly welcome you to Divine Guidance, a website for the mind, body and soul.

In this time of great healing this newly updated website represents my own heartfelt desire to make a difference in peoples life’s by providing a point of contact so uplifting in its message that people will be inspired to get in touch to help address and hopefully resolve their concerns.

For over 26 years now my time spent with spirit has been very rewarding indeed. As during that period I have felt truly blessed to have reconnected loved ones by embracing the calming and harmonious spiritual link they send forward to help their loved ones heal emotionally.

Mediumship links through the bond of peace and love, to bring together the special energy flow and communication needed to assist souls remaining on earth to carry on without their loved one’s psychical presence.

I sincerely hope that this little introduction to what I do helps put you at ease, and if at any stage you would like to find out more about what is included in a psychic one to one reading, please refer to the “Readings” tab for further information, or click on the “Reviews" tab for some previous client’s comments.

In recent years, during regular client’s sittings, it’s become increasingly apparent that reconnecting people to their loved ones is only part of their journey.

Often, their heartfelt messages convey a deeper understanding of continuous existence and of soul evolution, for the greater good of all. And sometimes, during a consultation, our beloved souls suggest a new direction for the sitter to consider. By connecting to the spirit worlds divine wisdom, they have in turn helped many sitters move forward towards a more spiritually redeeming and highly rewarding life choice.

This is where a “Reason for Being” reading ties in so beautifully. Your loved ones want you to be happy, and by discovering and fully understanding your reason for being, you can then allow yourself to explore a potentially untraveled path, and by doing so, hopefully help attain full accomplishment of being.

If interest in understanding your divine “Reason for Being” available through either a face to face or a psychic phone reading please refer to the “Readings” tab for further information.

Of course a big part of a spiritual consultation is helping to heal the void of grief, which should be provided for in part. As with everyone who has felt its pain will understand, there are different stages of recovery, and therefore no easy answer that covers everything instantly. Each journey is different and often depends on several emotions and other scenarios requiring attention. However, if you are ready, there is a complimentary healing tool that helps assist your personal recovery i.e. Reiki, as it offers you a safe environment to relax in, as you are surrounded by the cushioning and nurturing peaceful flow of divine energy.

The reason I believe so much in its power, is through my own personal experiences of loosing both parents just 2 months apart. I honestly don’t think I could have coped without it. It provided the strength and courage to move forward. Emotional strength that would have been hard to regulate had it not been for the overwhelmingly peace and grounding force it offered. This is why the supportive power of Reiki matters so much to me.

Not only does it help handle the raw, challenging, emotions of grief, it will go to wherever else it is needed.  Be the need ethereal, emotional, mental or physical. This is what makes Reiki so special and so very rewarding.

There is more information about its benefits contained within this website. So if you are interested in a Reiki treatment, or would consider becoming a Reiki Practitioner, please visit my “Treatments” and “Spirit Blog” pages for more information. Or refer to the “Reviews” for some Reiki client’s testimonials.

I’m also asked too work at many events and functions such as Psychic Parties, Hen Nights, Pamper Evenings and Corporate Events. Should you wish to plan an event, there is a page dedicated to all available options under the “Psychic Parties and Events” tab.  Please check the “Spirit Blog” Upcoming Events tab for newly added dates.

Finally, as an additional healing tool to this site I have added the “A Thought to Spirit” blog to provide a place in which to convey a message of love, in a clear outlet of written opportunity to spirit.

Secondly the “Healing Book” tab offering any concerned person a chance to place people, or even pet/animal names there that require healing, in an focal area of notice to spirit.

Please refer to the appropriate heading within the blog tab should you feel the need to add your own request.

Well on that final suggestion, I hope you find this website of benefit, and will join with me in this endeavour to promote well being in all capacities. After all, our happiness makes Earth a heavenly place for spirit to visit. Let’s make it a special place for them to attend, with your lovely smile and sense of well being expanding by the day.

Love and many blessing to all my visitors,


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In July 2014 a talented entrepreneur by the name of Paul Taylor, began a revamp of this site divineguidance.co.uk.

Firstly I just want to thank Paul for his efforts. As you can see from the magical results Paul has dedicated a monumental amount of time and effort towards the sites redevelopment. I’m sure that you will agree a truly remarkable achievement indeed.

Thanks also to Jack Foster www.jackfosteronline.com for adding a little bit of magic to the sites contents, and for creating a superb mobile friendly website. Infact, everyone who has contributed has added to the wonderful light contained in the site.

Prior to launching the site several clients took the time to write a contribution detailing their own experience. Thank you to all of you for sharing. These Reviews provide a useful tool, allowing you the viewer a better understanding of what is involved should you decide to book a Psychic Mediumship or Reiki appointment.

I know also, that the spirit world wanted to thank all those who contributed to this website, and I received the following “With kindness we are at peace.”

That inspirational thought highlighted to me the need for a place of reflection that will now be provided for in the Latest News section of the “Spirit Blog” tab, and as such I will update it regularly. So consider, meditate and reflect with an open heart what the spirit world’s message delivers to you. After all, meditation allows the soul to grow as peace is created through quiet contemplation. Find the peace and the rest will come.

Please note that although this was the last website that Paul planned to design he has many other creative achievements and technological abilities that may be of interest. He can be contacted through www.ptservices.co.uk.